I’m Jeremy. I'm currently splitting time between Los Angeles and Shenzhen to build Italic.com, a big idea in commerce that I've been planning for the past few years.

Previously, I played the Silicon Valley archetype - as an early Thiel Fellow & college dropout, I founded Fountain.com, did YC, and raised lots of dough. In my night shift, I'm very proud to have cofounded Blemish (the holding company behind the cult hit, Not Pot) w/ my girlfriend, Kati.

Besides being a founder, I've also worked product & ops jobs in San Francisco (where I cut my teeth) & Chicago (where I'm from) and I occasionally invested in startups but have since paused due to lack of time.

Here, I occasionally write about Work (ideas, spaces, management); compile my personal Stack (software & services I use); keep a log of my Travels; and muse about Life.

I'm easily reachable via Twitter. Say hi!