Iā€™m Jeremy. I split time between Los Angeles and Shenzhen as the CEO of Italic.com, a marketplace that connects factories and consumers.

Previously, I played your classic tech founder archetype šŸ˜“. As an early Thiel Fellow & college dropout, I founded Fountain.com, did YC, and raised lotsa dough. In my night shifts, I'm very proud to have cofounded Blemish, the holding company behind the cult hit, Not Pot, with my gf Kati.

Before starting companies, cut my teeth on product & ops jobs in San Francisco & Chicago and occasionally invested in startups (but have since stopped).

Here, I occasionally write about Work; update my personal Stack of stuff I use; keep a log of my Travels; and infrequently muse about Life.

I'm easily reachable via Twitter. Say hi!